Helping businesses empower their customers™

Self-Service Networks is headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island

Self-Service Networks is headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island

Founded in 1996 by Thomas Smith, Self-Service Networks emerged as an early pioneer in the interactive kiosk and self-service industry.  Self-Service Networks has helped business empower their customers™ with secure, unattended transaction solutions. Retailers, financial institutions, governmental agencies and healthcare providers have entrusted Self-Service Networks to help grow their product distribution when a staffed location is not possible or economical.

Our Services

GiftWise Cash-2-Card kiosk
Restaurants and retailers looking for a cashless solution turn to Self-Service Networks to empower their cash-paying customers. With a GiftWise Cash-2-Card self-service kiosk and the award-winning software and services, cash paying customers are provided an opportunity to complete their transactions successfully.

Gift card vending kiosk
With a keen focus on software solutions that drive consumer adoption of new technologies, Self-Service Networks developed GiftWise, a fully automated gift card vending solution for shopping mall developers, in 2007. Since then, Self-Service Networks has extended reach into the shopping mall and downtown locations to provide omnichannel shopper experience tools for web, mobile, kiosk and tablet applications. A unique combination of mall industry experience and usability expertise, allows for continued innovation.

Bundled gift card and vending kiosk program
In 2013, Self-Service Networks partnered with a large national bank to develop GiftWise+, a one-stop bundled gift card program and self-service kiosk solution.  GiftWise+ is designed specifically for any mall or shopping center to deliver a custom mall-wide gift card to their shoppers without the resource burden normally associated with managing a gift card program.

Shopper loyalty solution
Leveraging expertise with payment processors and networks, Self-Service Networks has launched ShopFusion - a one of a kind loyalty platform that helps mall owners increase traffic, increase spend, and increase shopper frequency.