Federal Realty Investment Trust - Outdoor Mall Gift Card Kiosk

Client Interview

What is the toughest part of your job? "Finding the time to implement good ideas can be a challenge- sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to deploy our fantastic ideas! The downturn in the economy has also been challenging, we have had to manage more with less staff."

What is fun about your job? "Enhancing the customer experience at our properties, and increasing revenue."

[Since installing GiftWise] "We have seen a double-digit sales increase, it is really astounding." - Deirdre Johnson - Director of Asset Management, Federal Realty Investment Trust


Why did the Barracks Road property deploy a GiftWise kiosk? "Barracks Road is an open air, lifestyle shopping center, and thus we do not have a customer service desk like you might find in an enclosed center. So we have been selling gift cards out of the management office. 

We realize that our customers are busy and time is valuable. To provide the best possible service to our customers (the management office is not open on weekends or after 5PM Monday through Friday) a vending kiosk allows us to expand the gift card program, which is exactly what has happened. Now customers can buy a gift card 24 hours a day"

What impact has deploying a GiftWise kiosk had on Barracks Road Staff? "The largest impact has been on our Administrative Assistant, who is now able to focus on his core job responsibilities. Gift card sales were great from the management office, but now with GiftWise, we’ve sold even more cards."

What impact has GiftWise had on sales? "We have seen a double-digit sales increase. It is really astounding." 

What is your customer’s opinion of GiftWise? "We have not heard much, I think our sales speak for themselves."

Have you experienced any issues with fraud since deploying GiftWise? "No"

What future plans do you have for GiftWise at other properties? "We are considering GiftWise for several other properties and think GiftWise would give us the ability to introduce a card program that the property would not be able to support otherwise, giving us one more tool to strengthen the center’s brand and drive sales, and increase property revenue." 

What other ways can GiftWise help Federal Realty? "We are looking forward to using GiftWise to capture customer information for CRM purposes and marketing going forward.

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