versecard - a gift card with a unique twist and no fees

The versEcard is a digital or plastic gift card, that lets recipients choose where they want to shop. Gone are the days of being stuck with a gift card you will never use. With mix and match options on our e-marketplace, you can pick several retailers, restaurants, and service providers to meet all your shopping needs. 

versEcard Mobile App

Our mission has always been to empower consumers. We are obsessed with taking complex technology and putting it in the hands of the public, in an impactful way that is easy to use. That was the formula behind our latest brainchild – the versEcard. 

We want to give people the best tools to buy the best gift – as simple as that. As software engineers, we knew this product would need to align with the way people want to shop today – with ease, versatility, and digital efficiency. That is why we need to build an entire e-market and mobile app that lets people redeem their versEcards easily and intuitively online, from an entire gallery of local, regional, and national retailers, restaurants and service providers, with the ability to mix and match where they want to spend their gift. Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, this extensive gallery will always be as close as your fingertips. Best yet, unlike other prepaid cash cards, there are never any fees. What you pay is what they get.

But wait, there's more. What makes us truly unique, is versEcard's compatibility with our GiftWise Kiosks - a revolutionary self-service gift card vending system. This benefits both end-consumers and retail locations.