With [Self-service Networks’] help and collaboration, we’ve been able to offer a seamless cashless checkout process that allows customers to complete quick transactions
— Ashley Benson, Product Manager, Decathlon

Cash-2-Card kiosks

Our GiftWise Cash-2-Card self-service kiosks enable your location to empower your cash customers without the hassle or liability of handling cash. Our simple leasing programs and all-inclusive approach make owning a GiftWise Cash-2-Card kiosk simple and affordable.

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Go Cashless!

Cash handling is expensive. It is time consuming and inefficient. It also presents opportunities for abuse and fraud which ultimately costs more. Self-Service Networks provides a solution for cash handling at your restaurant or retail location that pays for itself. Our self-service kiosk accepts cash in exchange for your gift card. Customers that elect to pay with cash can be accommodated through the use of your self-service kiosk that will apply any cash accepted to their account.

With our self-service solutions, customers can:

  • Add money to their card

  • Reload their card

  • Join your loyalty program

  • Track loyalty points and purchases

  • View menus, daily specials and generate orders!

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