Check, Please!

Ever get the feeling you’re being ignored? Self-Service ordering empowers your restaurant customers to make their own informed decisions and pay at the table rather than waiting for overworked waitstaff. Our YooDoo solutions empower your customers to place orders, pay when ready, and streamline their experience within your restaurant.

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Go Cashless!

Cash handling is expensive. It is time consuming and inefficient. It also presents opportunities for abuse and fraud which ultimately costs more. Self-Service Networks provides a solution for cash handling at your restaurant or retail location that pays for itself. Our self-service kiosk accepts cash in exchange for your gift card. Customers that elect to pay with cash can be accommodated through the use of your self-service kiosk that will apply any cash accepted to their account.

With our self-service solutions, customers can:

  • Add money to their card

  • Reload their card

  • Join your loyalty program

  • Track loyalty points and purchases

  • View menus, daily specials and generate orders!

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